Our Purpose

To Give You the Best Medical Care and Personal Travel Experience

We are dedicated to facilitating medical tourism in Mérida. Our offer includes affordable health care services to each client based on their individual needs, budget and personal situation.  Every client is different but all share one desire; to have a personally curated experience that includes the highest level of quality medical and dental care coupled with an experience in Mérida designed around their specific needs and interests.aaa

Our purpose

How We Began: Compelling Personal Experience

How We Began: Compelling Personal Experience

It all started with a personal experience from MMT founder, Ruby Madrigal.  Ruby is a successful small business owner based in the U.S. and has been coming to Mérida for years to spend time with family and take advantage of the low cost clinics in Mexico.

During a routine doctor visit that turned into a need for significant surgery Ruby became the first MMT client.  After investigating options in the U.S. and in Mérida she chose to go to Mexico for her medical treatment.  That experience surpassed her expectations in many important ways.  She was impressed with her quality medical specialist, amazed at the affordable health care options and very happy with the final results.  She wanted others to know they had more options than expensive healthcare procedures in the US or to delay care that would further jeopardize their health.

This personal experience inspired her to share her story with others in the U.S. and from those conversations she began to develop a service offering quality medical tourism in Mexico though facilitators who help others receive access to low cost health clinics providing quality medical services. Specifically Mérida, a city she knows intimately, where she has family and rental property in nearby Progreso.

Specialized in Local Experiences

Established Medical Specialists and Trusted Local Lifestyle Experts

To offer the highest level of personal service and care we have created a network of facilitators each with their area of expertise and experience.  Together we work as a team to attend to each client’s needs and interests with a package curated just for them.  This includes everything from hotel and restaurant reservations to organizing tours and cultural experiences and even providing any needed translations services. Because it matters to you, it matters most to us.

Here are a few of our trusted local experts, each with their area of expertise and community relationships.

MID CityBeat

The ultimate lifestyle guide to restaurants, bars, historical sites, art and culture, music and more in Mérida and throughout the Yucatán.

Are you coming to Mérida for the first time and unsure about what to bring with you, how to ask for directions or use familiar APPs like Uber? MID CityBeat Editor, Stephanie Carmon, can provide a 30-minute Zoom session, for $30 USD, to help you prepare before your arrival. In your session she can refer you to area spas, wellness centers and spiritual retreats. She may also provide ideas for personalized tours of dining, shopping and local entertainment venues based on your areas of interest. Let us know if you would like to connect with Stephanie to learn more about special happenings in Mérida.

MID CityBeat

Mayan Heritage

This local full-service tourism company offers much more than group tours to landmarks in Mérida and regional cultural attractions throughout the Yucatán.

Here are some of the customized personal services they specialize in providing:

  • Arrange rental car reservations at Mérida airport and confirm special requests for hotel accommodations
  • Taxi service to area hospitals, doctor offices and pharmacies
  • Reserve custom experiences at area private haciendas and wellness centers
  • Stock kitchen and bathroom with personal essentials for Arbnb guests
  • Bilingual tours for small groups within Mérida city neighborhoods and Mayan ruins such as Chichén Itzá along with natural water cenotes


Green Maya

Green Maya offers guided travel experiences for visitors to explore nature, learn more about Maya culture, and discover the important history of Yucatán, Mexico. Single-day and multi-day experiences and customized adventures are available:

  • Sunrise birdwatching retreats with over 400 species, including 7 endemic species that can only be seen in the Yucatán peninsula.
  • Visits to historic working Haciendas and Plantations that reveal essential lessons from the colorful past.
  • An overnight stay at Chichén Itzá, including early morning VIP passes into the site, a visit to a sacred cenote, and a lunch with a local Maya family.
  • Digital Detox, a multi-day event to disconnect from electronics and reconnect with nature, self, and loved ones.
  • Women-only events highlighting healthy food, workshops, and spa services.

The multi-day packages include supreme accommodations and a full-time professional photographer to capture your moments of magic.

Green Maya
Star Médica staff

Modern Healthcare Facilities

We are proud to work with the many quality healthcare facilities throughout Mérida. The growing network of public and private institutions committed to affordable, modern and safe procedures has made Mérida a destination that is very popular in  medical tourism in Mexico.

Several of the dentists, doctors and surgeons practicing in Mérida have been educated and trained in the US. Most speak English fluently which attracts many North American Expats seeking quality care at and an affordable price.

Star Médica staff

Customer Journey

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Schedule Service
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Pre-procedure medical
office visit as needed

Have scheduled procedure with required recovery time
plus requested tourism services

When cleared for travel
return home and consult with
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