All You Need To Know About Zirconia Crowns

Tooth restoration treatment is necessary for a range of different reasons. Dental crowns are commonly used to help patients deal with issues such as fractures on their teeth, severe decay, and discoloration issues. Nowadays, there is a range of different materials available to patients who are in need of crowns such as a variety of metals, porcelain, different ceramics, and resin. In addition to these materials, another that is proving popular among dentists and patients alike is Zirconia. Zirconia is a newer material for dental restorative treatments. It gets fewer sharp edges from the normal “wear and tear” that happens over time. Zirconia crowns tend to cause less stress and damage on opposing pieces than their porcelain counterparts.

A 2021 study by the American Dental Association (ADA) revealed that 99% of dentists use this crystalline mineral for natural tooth restorations. The participants mentioned that this material has many advantages other than smoothness.

Excellent Aesthetics

Zirconia is white naturally so it makes for a great material when it comes to crowns. This material can easily be transformed to ensure that it perfectly matches the rest of your smile. Using Zirconia, you can ensure that you get the closest possible match to your real teeth for an all-around perfect smile.

All You Need To Know About Zirconia Crowns

Ooze Confidence

Another major advantage of Zirconia is it does not require any metal lining at the gums giving you a more natural look. With other materials, this is not always possible. For example, porcelain is typically fused to a metal crown and this small metal line is noticeable when you smile. With Zirconia crowns, patients don’t have this issue, allowing them to ooze confidence when they smile.

Tough And Durable

Of all the materials used to make crowns, Zirconia is, without a doubt, the strongest. This tough material is built to withstand what your teeth need to go through each day without faltering. Unlike porcelain, you don’t need to worry about Zirconia crowns chipping off. In fact, if you look after a Zirconia crown, it will last forever. You can bite, chew and smile without any problems ever again when you have a tough durable crown to rely on.

Bonds Well

When you have a crown fitted, you want to be confident that it is going to stay in place. With a Zirconia crown, you have no need to worry as Zirconia crows adhere well to your tooth. From a patient’s perspective, the good news is that Zirconia crowns typically require far less tooth removal than other types of dental crowns. Since Zirconia bonds so well to your natural tooth, there is no need for a metal crown to be inserted.

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Zirconia crowns are a great solution for patients that have various issues with their teeth. However, the cost of this treatment in the United States and Canada can often be quite expensive. Here in Merida, you can have the same treatment for up to 70% cheaper without compromising on the standard of care that you will receive. Get in touch with our team at Merida Medical Tourism today to find out how we can help you to organize everything you need to get your Zirconia crowns while enjoying this spectacular part of the country on a vacation at the same time.