Dental Crown Procedure

While many ordinary dental issues can be solved with a filling, sometimes the damage might require more work. If you have a damaged tooth that cannot be fixed with a filling, there’s a very good chance that your dentist will suggest a dental crown procedure. Undergoing a dental crown procedure will not only restore the shape and the function of the tooth but it will also cover and protect the damaged area moving forward.

Undergoing a dental crown procedure is very common and while it might sound like an uncomfortable procedure, it is not very painful. Working with a highly-skilled and well-trained dentist will ensure that the dental crown procedure is as pain-free and expertly completed as possible. With the rising costs of dental procedures in the United States and Canada, many people are opting to get their dental crowns in Mexico. Not only will you have access to the same quality of care, if not better, than you would back home but dental crowns in Mexico are also up to 70% cheaper than in North America. What’s more, you can combine your dental crown procedure with a vacation by taking some extra time to explore what the area has to offer.

What Exactly Is a Dental Crown?

It’s normal for teeth to become damaged over time and there are many different things that can affect your smile. Whether it’s an injury, tooth decay, or general wear and tear, it’s common for teeth to lose their size and shape as time ticks on. A dental crown procedure can help you to overcome this issue with ease. A dental crown is essentially a little cap that is tooth-shaped and is placed over your existing tooth by the dentists. Once the dental crown procedure is complete and the crown is in place, the shape, size, strength, and overall appearance of the tooth will be perfectly restored.

When You Might Require a Dental Crown Procedure

There are many different reasons that you might require a dental crown procedure. For example, you might have a weak tooth that needs to be protected from potentially breaking, you can restore a broken tooth or one that is badly worn, or a dental crown procedure can be used to cover and support a tooth that is mostly filled and that doesn’t have much of the original tooth left. Dental crowns may also be used to hold a dental bridge in place, to cover misshapen teeth or discolored teeth, to hide a dental implant, or to cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment.

Dental Crowns

A Guide to Different Dental Crown Materials

Dental crowns can be constructed of many different types or materials. Different dentists might recommend different types of materials depending on your particular circumstances. Some dental crowns might also look different from others, which may lead to your choosing a different material. Dental crowns in Mexico use the same materials as those in the United States or Canada, which means you can be assured the same top-class finish here in Merida as you would expect back home. Some of these materials include:

  • Metal:

Metal is tough, durable and the longest-lasting of all of the materials below. Choose from different metals such as gold, platinum, nickel, and chromium.

  • Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal:

Good choice for front or back teeth as they have a more natural color and can be matched to the color of your teeth. However, there’s always the chance of the porcelain chipping or breaking.

  • All-Resin:

A less-expensive option. However all-resin dental crowns are known to wear down over time and are more susceptible to breaks.

  • All-Ceramic/All-Porcelain:

When it comes to matching your teeth’s natural color these are some of the best material options. The one drawback is they are not as strong as the metal and metal-infused options and are likely to wear down over time.

  • Pressed Ceramic:

Featuring a hard inner core, this material can be used to replace the metal liner that is used for other materials. Capped with porcelain the color match capabilities are excellent and they will last longer than a typical all-porcelain crown.

Visit Merida for Your Next Dental Crown Procedure

If you need to undergo a dental crown procedure, make sure that you choose Merida as your destination. With some of the best dental hospitals, clinics, nurses, dentists, and orthodontists in all of North America, you can be confident you will be in safe hands. Americans and Canadians traveling for procedures such as dental crowns in Mexico are becoming increasingly popular. Not only can you enjoy an amazing vacation while getting world-class dental treatment but you can also save up to 70% on your dental crown procedure compared to what you would spend back home.

To find out more about coming to Merida for your dental crown procedure, get in touch with our team at Merida Medical Tourism today! With the help of our team, you can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible with your dental trip, from the moment you pick up the phone to the moment you return home.