Enjoy Unforgettable Vacations While Having High-Quality Dentistry

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why more North American vacationers are now booking dental trips to Mexico.

A trend in tourism that has been growing and evolving for a number of years now, is expected to carry through 2023 and beyond. Due to extremely favorable Mexico dental prices, many citizens from over the border and up into Canada are scheduling an often put-off but necessary appointment to coincide with a memorable vacation in Mexican coastal cities like Merida.

In these beautiful locations not only can you enjoy the delicious food, soak up the culture, and learn about the history, but you can also get out there and enjoy the area. There is so much to do from lying on the beach to exploring underwater worlds, snorkeling with turtles, ziplining through jungle canopies, swimming in cenotes, interacting with the local wildlife, and adventuring through ancient ruins, as well as countless other activities on offer. Combining your vacation with having your dental work completed at a world-class dental clinic is key to making the most out of your next dental trip to Mexico.

Enjoy Unforgettable Vacations While Having High-Quality Dentistry

Dental Work Is Hugely Overpriced in the USA and Canada

Let’s just put it out there. A fact is a fact. Sorry Americans and Canadians but you definitely take a back seat to Mexico when it comes to prices on preventative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Thin profit margins and soaring fixed overhead costs for real estate, tuition, health insurance, taxes, and supplies, are just some of the reasons why dental patients outside Mexico are saddled with higher prices. Nearly 80% of what you or I end up paying for a procedure ends up going toward your dentist’s overhead expenses. In Mexico, however, the cost of living and the overheads are significantly lower, allowing dentists to charge up to 70% less than the same procedure back home.

Ever Wondered How Much You Could Save by Having Your Dental Treatment in Mexico?

Let’s take a couple of common procedures and compare prices. For example, dental implants are one procedure where you can save significant money in Mexico while not sacrificing quality or safety in any way. On average, expect to see a bill for $1400 to $1600 in Mexico, compared to between $3,500 and $5,500 for comparable service in the US or Canada. How about Porcelain Crowns? Again it varies, but expect to be billed for around $350 to $500 in Mexico. In the US, that will be around $2,500 to $3,000.

Standing In Mexico, You Can Have Peace Of Mind And Relax, Without Ever Worrying About Having To Spend A Lot Of Your Valuable Time And Money In Other Places

In Mexico, students come from all over the world to study dentistry. Most have their tuition subsidized by the government in exchange for one or two post-graduate years of practice in service to the local communities. This ensures a steady supply of highly-qualified practitioners who develop roots and establish lasting relationships with the patients they serve. Labor and real estate costs are also lower, allowing established practices to offer the same procedures as other countries at a much lower final cost while never sacrificing safety or cleanliness.

Dental Trips to Mexico: Make Mexico Your Next Dental Vacation Destination

Many smart consumers who are making their 2023 vacation plans are now considering whether they should take a dental trip to Mexico. As inflation continues to rise, many adults looking into cosmetic dental procedures like veneers, crowns, and whitening are looking to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. In Merida, you can find quality, affordable dental care while you spend a couple of weeks relaxing and learning about a new city and culture from English-speaking locals.

You’ll be smiling and showing off your newly repaired, whitened teeth after spending a safe, relaxing dental vacation in Mexico while saving nearly 70% on average compared to similar procedures in the US or Canada. To find out more, get in touch with our team at Merida Medical Tourism today and let our friendly experts answer any questions you might have.