Health and Cosmetic Dental Care in Merida

Data from a recent poll outlines how many Americans and Canadians plan to combine two of their most important goals for 2023 into one exciting journey. They anticipate catching up on recently neglected health and cosmetic dental care while enjoying a relaxing vacation in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Continue reading to learn more about this growing trend of dental tourism and how the city of Merida has captured the hearts of those hoping to save some money while getting the same great cosmetic dental care at a fraction of the price they would back home.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Improves Your Appearance in More Ways Than One

Modern dentistry technology is advancing such that people can now feel more confident than ever about going in for treatment. Much of the work being done is painless and takes little more than a few hours, resulting in a lifetime of renewed confidence and functionality.

Routine cosmetic procedures like straightening, whitening, bridges, and crowns, once thought unattainable due to the high costs in North America, are readily available in Mexico with the same safety and cleanliness standards you would expect at home.

Mexico’s renewed focus on advancing the profession means many qualified students get subsidized tuition as they begin their education. Once they graduate, these new dentists pay it forward by offering the community one year of quality dentistry at reduced or even zero cost.

Health and Cosmetic Dental Care in Merida

Many Procedures Benefit Both Your Dental Health and Your Appearance

Broken teeth due to sports injuries or improper care look unsightly and can possibly lead to self-confidence issues. They can also cause more serious damage, leading to infection and further breakdown of neighboring teeth and gums.

Having crowns fitted to broken teeth is a straightforward procedure that prevents further damage and improves your oral health. You can even have them shaded white to perfectly match them to existing teeth.

Expect significant savings by having this cosmetic dental work done in Merida, Mexico, instead of the US or Canada. On average, plan on spending $425 per crown versus $1,250 north of the border.

In addition to crowns, expect to see savings like this on other health and cosmetic dental care options, including veneers, bridges, implants, and basic teeth straightening. One patient reported saving a whopping $1,000 on a root canal procedure.

Feel Safe in Merida While Receiving High-Quality Cosmetic Dental Care

You might be wondering about the climate and overall attitude towards tourism here in Merida, but not to worry. This beautiful city near the Gulf of Mexico has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. In addition, a recent report rated Merida as.the 2nd safest city overall after Quebec City, CA.

Don’t worry about the language barrier, either. English is very common in Merida. Indeed many of the local dentists are either from the US or have studied English since grade school. Locals welcome anyone and are accustomed to folks speaking “just a little” Spanish.

Savvy Canadians and Americans seeking quality, safe, and affordable cosmetic dental care combined with a relaxing vacation would be well-served to put Merida, Mexico, on their shortlist when planning their next luxury vacation. For help getting everything organized, be sure to reach out to our helpful and knowledgeable team here at Merida Medical Tourism.