Healthcare in Mérida

International patients have made Mérida a recognized healthcare and wellness hub.

With a growing population of over 1 million people, Mérida provides a wide range of quality, affordable healthcare services to meet the needs of its residents and global medical tourists.

The city offers modern infrastructure, an international airport accessible from major U.S. cities, convenient modes of transportation and all the technological amenities required by local businesses and savvy global tourists.

Besides being the healthcare center of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mérida offers cultural activities that enhance the quality of experience for visitors and positively contribute to everyday life for residents.

With its strong safety reputation and proud Mayan Heritage along with its geographic location, offering diverse recreational activities from the ocean to the tropical jungle, make it a convenient destination when traveling from the U.S.

For U.S. Citizens seeking quality affordable medical treatment in Mérida, there is a United States Consulate  providing several services and resources to help with any  nonmedical emergencies.

Mérida has been the preferred choice of North Americans as a medical tourism destination because of the quality modern healthcare system and the experienced doctors, dentist, and wellness specialists.

Modern Hospitals, Clinics, and Dental Facilities

Mérida has invested in building and supporting its world-class health care infrastructure. Its large network of public and private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, specialty pharmacies, and ground and air ambulance services, are all constantly growing and modernizing.

You can find full-service hospitals and specialized clinics in Mérida with a wide range of medical, dental and wellness services.  Star Médica  and EME RED are excellent examples of facilities designed to accommodate the 21st global medical tourist

Existing facilities are continually modernizing their equipment and recruiting experienced staff.

Modern Facilities

State-of-the-Art Equipment at All Levels of Hospitals

All hospitals in Mexico are categorized according to levels: First, Second and Third Level Hospitals. The levels have nothing to do with quality, but rather quantity and breadth of facilities and care.  You can find modern equipment at all levels of private hospitals.

A “third-level” hospital is one that provides all the services you would associate with a top hospital with integrated care: doctors and specialists on staff, surgery facilities, recovery rooms, emergency room, and additional specialized treatment facilities.

A “secondary level” hospital has the ability to provide surgical and recovery facilities, as well as the services of specialists, but without an emergency room. At this level, you can find clinics that provide multiple services or only one specialty.

A “first-level” hospital provides care for patients without serious injury, usually has testing equipment and monitoring equipment, and provides first aid services.

We can certainly guide you to the best-suited hospital or clinic according to your personal healthcare needs and preferences while in Mérida.

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Many Doctors and Dentists Were Educated or Trained in the US

Healthcare in Mérida is world-class and many of the medical doctors and dentists practicing in Mérida are certified in both the United States and Mexico, many of them were trained in the United States and are bi-cultural and speak fluent English.

The University of Yucatán (UADY) has had for generations one of the best medical schools in Mexico. Mérida is a growing vibrant city with an established reputation as a global medical tourism destination.

Medical and dental professionals trained and specialized in México City have moved or expanded their practice to Mérida in the recent years.

Mérida’s healthcare providers and their highly trained staff understand the needs, concerns and desires of medical tourists and their families.  These teams have experience in guiding and helping patients from treatment to recovery while in Mérida.

Affordable Medical Services Available to Everybody

While some North American Expats living in the Yucatán or traveling to Mérida have either no insurance from their home country or private insurance, it is good to know that every patient is eligible for all available medical services in private clinics and hospitals.

To receive healthcare in Mérida, you are not required to have medical insurance.  You only need to pay for services.  You will find that the prices are much lower than what you would pay for the same services back home.  It is also important to know that US. Medicaid, Medicare, and private U.S. medical insurance plans are not accepted in Mexico.

The primary reasons for such significant healthcare savings come from the  lower labor and real estate costs, and the lower insurance, operational and legal costs    The quality of the materials used in both dental and medical procedures are comparable to those used in procedures performed in the US.

Travel to Mérida and Get Affordable Medical Services

Healthcare in Mérida is a safe, affordable option with modern quality facilities and highly trained doctors and dentists.

If you would like to explore Mérida as an option for your future medical or dental care, please call us. Mérida Medical Tourism offers a personalized boutique approach to medical travel and tourism.  And remember that an additional benefit of coming to Mérida for medical treatment is to enjoy the Yucatán as a tourist. You will have fun between your appointments with the doctor and hospital visits.

Our team is happy to help facilitate a trip designed just for you!