High-Quality and Low-Cost Dental Care in Merida

With easy access from the United States, world-class facilities, and affordable, low-cost dental care, it’s no wonder more people are visiting Merida for dental tourism.

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Mexico, and Merida, in particular, is leading the charge.

The costs of dental care in the United States can be prohibitive for many people, especially for those without dental insurance. Flying to Merida for dental care, American patients with no dental insurance can save up to 70% on their dental care costs compared with the States. What’s more, the standard of treatment is just as good if not better than what you can expect back home. Many of the dentists in Merida have studied in both Mexico and the United States, ensuring they are trained to the highest possible standards while still providing excellent low-cost dental care.

Mexico Is Expanding Its Dental Tourism Industry Including Affordable, High Quality, and Low-Cost Dental Care, Proximity to the Us

Americans have been visiting Mexico for their dental and medical needs for decades.

As prices in the States begin to rise, an increasing number of patients are beginning to look at Mexico as a dental tourism destination.

The industry has experienced significant growth over the last number of years as Mexico expands the dental tourism industry to offer even more high-quality low-cost dental care services. From minor treatments such as filling to more complex procedures such as veneer work and Invasilign fitting, patients can take advantage of a wide range of low-cost dental care treatments in beautiful Mexican cities like Merida.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why Mexico is growing as a world-class but low-cost dental destination.

Cost Savings

The cost of dental procedures can be as much as 70% cheaper than the same treatment in the United States.

Even when you factor in flights, accommodation, and a budget to enjoy some vacation time around your treatment, you can still save compared to what you would spend at your local dentist in America.

You can still expect the very best level of care despite the significantly lower price tag.

Lower Overheads

One of the main reasons that facilities in Merida can offer such high quality but low-cost dental care  is due to the lower overheads.

The cost of living in Mexico is much lower than in the United States, which means dentists, bills are also lower. Operating costs, rent, and wages are all much cheaper in Merida meaning dentists can offer low-cost dental care without sacrificing quality.

The Latest Tech

When you visit the dentist, you want to be sure that they use the best equipment and technology to receive the highest level of treatment.

Dentists in Merida have access to some of the best dental equipment in the world. Located right here in Merida is DOMS, a dental supplies distribution outfit that supplies, trays, chairs, drills, and all the high-tech equipment that dentists need to serve their patients.

Having easy access to top-class dental equipment has enabled Merida to evolve into the world-class low-cost dental care destination that it is today.

The Latest Tech

Strict Hygiene Standards

For Mexico to become such a popular dental tourism destination, patients need to feel safe. In Mexico, the governing body for dental professionals is The Mexico Dental Association, which is also a member of the World Dental Federation.

This means that dentists here in Mexico must adhere to strict OHSA regulations and hygiene standards.

With a strict system in place to monitor standards and assess quality control, patients visiting Merida for low-cost dental care can enjoy more peace of mind knowing they are in a safe and sanitary environment.

Range of Low-Cost Dental Care Services

Merida has grown as a dental tourism destination is because of the sheer number of low-cost dental care services that are on offer.

With so many state-of-the-art clinics, hospitals, and dental facilities, there are countless places that you can go to get the treatments you need. And, with a range of highly-skilled dentists to choose from, you can ensure that you get the specialist care and treatment that you need.

Whether you need dental implants, teeth whitening, dental crowns or any other treatment, you will find a world-class low-cost dental care solution in Merida.

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