How Do Dental Implants Work?

Having a great smile is crucial to your self-confidence. When you smile at the world as you go about your day, you want to know that your teeth look their very best. If you have a missing tooth are multiple missing teeth, it can really impact your smile. However, with the help of dental implants, you can instantly restore your smile to give you the confidence you need to always feel your best.

Missing teeth can be more than just a cosmetic issue. Patients with missing teeth can often have issues with breathing, eating, and drinking, causing disruption to their day. For those patients wondering, how do dental implants work, the answer is very simple. A single dental implant typically replaces one missing tooth and the procedure requires at least two visits to the dentist with a waiting tie of three to six months between each session. After this procedure, patients will have a full set of teeth once again and be able to smile with confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

Many patients have heard of dental implants but not everyone truly understands how dental implants work or even what they really are. A dental implant is used by dentists to replace a patient’s missing tooth. A single dental implant will typically be sued to replace a single missing tooth and is composed of three different components. First of all, there is a titanium implant, which fuses to the jawbone. Next, is the abutment; the part of the implant that protrudes above the gum line. Finally, there’s the crown, which is fitted to the top of the abutment, presenting as a natural tooth.

Missing Teeth Is More Than Just a Cosmetic Issue; It Affects a Person Life

While missing teeth are certainly a cosmetic issue, they can also impact a person’s life in many other ways. For example, missing teeth is one of the leading causes of jawbone loss. Teeth support and stimulate the bone of the jaw to keep it healthy. Missing teeth can also cause other teeth to shift position over time, which can impact your entire bite over time. For many patients, missing teeth can make chewing more difficult which can mean missing out on some of your favorite foods. If you are missing back teeth it can have a significant impact on your ability to chew your food properly which can have an added impact on your digestion, resulting in issues such as acid reflux. Understanding how dental implants work will allow you to make the right choice moving forward so you can avoid these common issues caused by missing teeth.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental Implant Surgery Is the Most Permanent Solution Available for Missing Teeth as the Implants Integrate Directly With a Patient’s Jawbone

Dental implant surgery is undoubtedly the most permanent solution available nowadays for missing teeth. With this procedure, the implants integrate seamlessly with the patient’s jawbone, creating a clean, natural finish that looks great and functions perfectly. Dental implant surgery begins with a small incision in the gum through which the dentists will drill a pilot hole into the jawbone. The dental implant is then fitted into this pilot hold, screwed in tight and the gum is stitched together. The patient will then need to wait three to six months before returning to allow the implant to fuse securely with the jawbone. When the dentist is happy that the implant has fused securely, a second appointment can be arranged. At this next appointment, another small incision is made in the gum to allow the abutment to be connected to the implant.

After a few weeks, the crown can be fitted to the abutment, completing the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you will be able to brush, floss, chew, and bite in the same way that you were before you had missing teeth to deal with.

Find Out More About How Dental Implants Can Work for You

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