Medical Tourism: What Is It? Why Is Mérida A medical Hub?

Medical tourism has grown in popularity in recent years, allowing patients to receive a range of procedures and treatments for a fraction of the cost of what they might pay in their home country.

Patients can benefit from modern, state-of-the-art medical and dental facilities abroad. These typically rival the safety standards US patients expect at home but with a significantly lower price tag.  For several procedures up to 90% lower.

Many patients will be drawn to the idea of medical tourism due to the cost-savings alone. Nevertheless, there is so much more to be gained. Visiting another country to have a medical and dental procedure or wellness treatment not only saves money but also gives patients an opportunity to experience a vacation in a new country.

Mérida Is the Healthcare Center of the Yucatan Peninsula

Mérida is the healthcare center of the Yucatan Peninsula making it a convenient choice for Americans when it comes to choosing a medical tourism destination.

This modern, vibrant city also offers a range of cultural activities and entertainment, along with diverse environments from rain forests to breathtaking beaches.

Patients can also explore Mayan heritage sites, swim in sacred cenotes, and enjoy unique adventures in nearby villages that include experiencing local farming practices and environmental retreats focusing on the native birds, plants and animals that live only in the Yucatán.

Medical procedures and treatments in North America can be prohibitively expensive. Often patients will need to incur crushing debt to have these procedures in their home country. In many cases patients delay critical treatment due to the high cost thereby worsening their condition.  Many lifestyle sacrifices are made to fund healthcare procedures – including vacations.  With medical tourism, however, this no longer needs to be the case.

By visiting Mérida for your medical or dental needs, you will not only save money on your safe quality procedures, but you will be able to take that savings and fund an amazing vacation.


Mérida Is a Premiere Medical Tourism Destination Close to the US

Mérida has built city services, attracted quality healthcare and dental providers to dfferentiate itself as a premiere medical torusim destination.

When you are choosing a medical tourism destination, you need to be sure that you select a location that will meet all your needs.  This includes providing quality affordable healthcare along with a fun environment to enjoy a vacation.

Mérida has invested heavily in its world-class healthcare infrastructure.  The city offers a comprehensive choice of medical, dental, and wellness services. All services are designed to meet the needs of medical tourists from around the world.

Mérida is also conveniently located, easily accessible via air travel from many major American cities.  The vibrant, expanding Mérida International Airport, supports several US carriers.  The modern infrastructure and excellent transportation network help medical tourists safely navigate their way in the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

There is a US Consulate in Mérida that offers a range of services to help with any non-medical issues that visitors might have.

Mérida is also widely known as the safest city in Mexico.  According to CEO world magazine, Mérida is the second safest city in North America, with Quebec taking first place. It has also been voted as the third-best small city in the world for 2021.

With Medical Tourism You Can Enjoy Vacation and Get Quality Healthcare Service

Visiting Mérida as a medical tourist is the ideal solution for those seeking to combine affordable safe medical treatments and procedures with a globally desired vacation destination.

Avoid putting yourself under pressure to make the time for the important healthcare you need. Do it while also finding time to take a vacation and have some fun.  In Mérida, you can satisfy both of these needs in one amazing location.

Mérida offers medical tourists a host of world-class medical, dental, and wellness procedures conducted in state-of-the-art facilities. What’s more, these clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities are staffed by highly trained professionals.  Many of whom are bilingual, and many speak multiple languages including English and Spanish.

These quality healthcare providers are at the top of their respective fields to ensure the best possible service for medical tourists visiting Mérida.

Several doctors, dentists and wellness providers in Mérida are certified not only in Mexico but also in the United States. Medical staff in Mérida has been educated and trained in America. Many of those who have been trained in Mérida have attended the prestigious University of Yucatán, touted as one of the top medical schools in the country.

The widely bi-cultural medical staff speaks fluent English . More top-level physicians, dentists, and other medical practitioners are also expanding their operations to Mérida. Therefore the city continues to gain a reputation as a world-class medical tourism destination. With this continued growth, Mérida offers visitors more quality choices than ever before.

World-Class Hospitality, Entertainment, and Recreation Options Cater to Us Visitors Coming to Mérida for Safe Quality Healthcare

US visitors are choosing Mérida as their number one medical tourism destination. American patients find a range of different healthcare and dental services. Mérida offers excellent infrastructure, world-class medical facilities, highly-rated dentists, doctors, and other wellness providers, with affordable pricing. For these reasons and more, Mérida has grown in popularity with American medical tourists every year.  The spectacular beaches, rich Mayan culture, delicious food, stunning scenery, and a vibrant, energetic city waiting to be explored make Mérida is the perfect location for US visitors looking to combine their healthcare needs with their next vacation.

To find out more about Mérida and all that it has to offer medical tourists, get in touch with our team at Mérida Medical Tourism today. Our professional team will work with you to develop a plan customized to fit your needs. We will make shure you get the very most out of your time in the Yucatán while receiving the world-class medical attention.