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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

From your first e-mail inquiry or online chat with a personal facilitator, you will experience our sincere commitment to focus exclusively on developing a package that meets your individual medical procedures and personal needs. We can manage as many or as few of the details you require during your stay in Mérida. This boutique approach is unlike any other medical tourism provider because we handcraft every experience based on your unique needs. No two clients receive the same personal experience, even if they are traveling to Merida to have the same medical treatment or procedure.

The journey begins by guiding you to the most experienced health care team with decades of proven results to meet your specific needs. Our doctors and dentists specialize in many minimally invasive medical procedures that offer quick recovery periods without travel restrictions after a week or so. These bilingual teams employ best in class practices, many in partnership with state-of-the-art hospitals offering the latest technologies and techniques to provide the highest level of safety, comfort and care.

From highest quality dental care, to minimally-invasive medical surgeries, to other treatments, we will take care of you every step of the way. Explore our medical treatments.

Medical Tourism Business

Driven by a Passion to Serve

While your medical services are being developed, we will gather input from you to design additional options for you and your traveling companions to enjoy while in Mérida. Our personal client facilitators are local influencers, long-time residents and other respected lifestyle experts passionate about sharing their experiences and personal knowledge of Merida. This includes creating experiences and connections to recognized historical landmarks and global cultural destinations along with insights into hidden treasures usually known only to the local residents.

Aside from being the safest city in Mexico, Mérida offers a unique mix of modern amenities with a classic European sensibility that honors the native Mayan heritage and culture. We would love to help you experience a little bit of it all during your stay, or we can design a package focusing on your specific interests.

Driven by Passion to Serve

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