The root canal procedure removes a compromised nerve from a tooth, or multiple teeth, in order to save and protect the effected tooth.

  • Root canals are performed by an endodontic specialist.
  • The procedure removes a damaged nerve and perhaps additional pulp of a tooth then sealed to prevent an infection or abscess.
  • Generally a root canal can be handled within one visit but depending on the situation additional visits may be needed.
  • In some cases the effected tooth may require a crown and or implant in order to strengthen the tooth.
  • If crowns and implants are needed additional costs and visits will be recommended by the specialist after the root canal procedure is completed.

Root Canal

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Root Canal
Average Time in Mérida
  • 1 Trip and appointment is generally required, pending individual specifics, for a length of 7-10 days.
  • Some cases require additional visits for a crown and or implant procedure depending on the health of the tooth or potential infection.
Mérida Cost vs US
(Not including CT scans and medications.)

$177 vs $1,500 depending on the the tooth.

Clear to Travel
  • Recommended that air travel be postponed for 3-7 days due to potential inflammation when flying.
  • Car or bus travel is generally approved within 2 days of the procedure.
  • Our dental team will recommend a customized procedure plan including a range of materials and treatments after a specialist has thoroughly reviewed your records and personal dental history
  • The timing estimated will vary depending the the specifics of each individual case and other person health factors.
  • Procedure descriptions and costs listed on our website are based on an average of previous treatments and could differ from your recommended treatment plan.
  • The cost of additional procedures (such as CT scans) and medications are not included in the estimated costs and will vary based on personal health factors and where medications and additional procedures are purchased.