Veneers are designed to improve the look of your teeth, including hiding chips and misshapen or discolored teeth, with a thin adhesive applied to the front of a tooth.

  • The procedure to measure and apply veneers requires two separate office visits.
  • During the first visit the dentist will examine your teeth and double check that there aren’t any issues that would prevent a veneer from being applied to your tooth or multiple teeth.
  • On the first visit the veneer specialist will also shape, file and create an impression of your tooth to provide a custom fit.
  • This process will leave your tooth feeling a bit rough but that helps enable the bonding agent to properly secure the veneer in place.
  • During the second visit your customized veneer will be applied and your teeth will be cleaned and polished.


Compare Procedure pricing

Average Time in Mérida

1 Trip, approx. 14 days, with 2 – 3 visits, pending the number of veneers.

Mérida Cost vs US
(Not including CT scans and medications.)

$450 vs $1,500+ depending on the tooth or teeth.

Clear to Travel

Within 1 day after each appointment/procedure.

  • Our dental team will recommend a customized veneers procedure plan including a range of materials and treatments after a specialist has thoroughly reviewed your records and personal dental history
  • The timing estimated will vary depending the the specifics of each individual case and other person health factors.
  • Procedure descriptions and costs listed on our website are based on an average of previous treatments and could differ from your recommended treatment plan.
  • The cost of additional procedures (such as CT scans) and medications are not included in the estimated costs and will vary based on personal health factors and where medications and additional procedures are purchased.