Providing imaging and diagnostic radiology through a team of highly trained doctors using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Services also include Cancer Ablation, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to treat a variety of solid cancers.


  • This procedure generally is done with a special surgical instrument that includes a video camera to guide the surgical team.
  • Visualize internal injuries in most parts of the body.
  • Used to diagnose disease or infection as a tool to assist with general care or further surgical treatment.


  • Identifies malformation and disease.
  • Highly recommended as a preventive care for women with or without symptoms of breast cancer.


  • Documents the development of a baby during pregnancy.
  • Sound waves produce images that locate causes of pain, swelling or infection.


  • Images confirm broken bones, dislocations, or problems in the joints and bone structure complications through electromagnetic waves.


  • Generate images of the mouth, teeth and crowns.
  • Assists in identifying the causes of pain in tooth structure.

Diagnostic Radiology
Diagnostic Radiolody
Diagnostic Radiology
  • Our medical team will recommend a customized diagnostic radiology procedure plan including a range of materials and treatments after a specialist has thoroughly reviewed your records and personal medical history.
  • The timing estimated will vary depending the the specifics of each individual case and other person health factors.
  • Procedure descriptions and costs listed on our website are based on an average of previous treatments and could differ from your recommended treatment plan.
  • The cost of additional procedures (such as CT scans) and medications are not included in the estimated costs and will vary based on personal health factors and where medications and additional procedures are purchased.