Visit Mérida

Visit Mérida, the capital and largest city in the Yucatán, a favorite destination for medical care in Mexico due to its state-of-the art healthcare facilities and ranking as the number one safest city in Mexico. This hub of culture and natural beauty provides convenient access to area beaches, grutas and cenotes, historic Mayan ruins, such as Chichén Itzá, along with nearby Pueblos Mágicos, and colonial haciendas. The vibrant nightlife and luxurious wellness centers attract visitors from around the world and everyone keeps up with all the action on MID CityBeat, the insider’s lifestyle publication featuring all there is to see and do in Mérida.

The unique blend of Mayan heritage and Spanish influences, colonized in the 16th century, has produced a modern city of well over one million residents with an identity like no other in the world.  A popular destination for North American travelers and expatriates, Mérida is a multilingual city with many signs and services offered in both in English and Spanish.

Mérida with its vast web of neighborhoods, known as colonias or barrios, each with their own collection of churches, markets and shops offer something for everyone.  Whether you are seeking old world charm and character, authentic artisan crafts, native cuisine that has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage or world class medical and dental care, there is an abundance of things to see in Mérida.

Mayan Ruins &
Natural Wonders

Mayan Adventures and Excursions

There are several historic sites near Mérida that include well preserved ruins of Mayan civilizations.  Perhaps the most popular is Chichén Itzá, certified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  However, other important archaeological sites are very close such as Uxmal, Dzibilchaltúm, Cobá and Ek Balam.

Local tourism experts, Mayan Heritage, provide bilingual tours to the ruins and extended day trips that include visits to area cenotes, such as Ik Kil, and Pueblos Mágicos like the famous Valladolid and Izamal.

There are several museums throughout Mérida where visitors can learn more about the origins of Mayan culture, view priceless works of art, understand the value and importance of cacao beans to the Mayans and travel back in time to see prehistoric artifacts.

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Arts & Culture

Celebrating the City

Traditional Mérida

Many neighborhood parks have public events including live music and dancing open to the public on evenings and weekends.

  • One very popular free event is Vaquería Night held every Monday evening at Palacio Municipal, Mérida City Hall, located in the central park, Plaza Grande. This evening features live musicians and folkloric dancers all celebrating the local dance, the vaquería.
  • Another staple for visitors and families is held on Sunday morning when Mérida’s largest street, Paseo de Montejo, is closed to vehicle traffic for Bici Ruta. This scenic tree-lined drive is lined with well-maintained colonial homes, shops and restaurants.  Often live music is playing for everyone to enjoy as they walk, jog or bike this historic avenue.

Modern Mérida

Mérida offers some of the most modern lifestyle complexes in Mexico for locals and visitors to enjoy.  This includes shopping, entertainment, restaurants and recreational venues.  Desired global brands have stores in these centers and many areas offer mixed use facilities including residential housing and hotels.

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